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Suchitra leaks pic: rana kissing trisha

Suchitra leaks pic: rana kissing trisha Suchitra leaks pic: rana kissing trisha
Eleena Tovar | 04 Марта, 2017, 10:59

However, she deleted all her recent controversial Twitter posts but not before the pictures went viral on social media. While there been reports suggesting that her account has actually been hacked, there are also unconfirmed reports that she is suffering from a medical condition and isn't in her senses when she does these things. The group of pictures tweeted by Suchitra also includes a selfie of Dhanush and Trisha, Hansika partying with a group of unidentified people and a picture of TV VJ Dhivyadharshini hugging a big shot. How true are these allegations? This leak made allegations on a dark side of the Tamil movie industry. Suchitra Karthik leaks intimate pictures of Dhanush, Hansika Motwani, and other Tamil stars on Twitter! "Sorry buddy - ineligible", she posted along with a picture of bruises on her arm.

Here's the video where Kartik Kumar speaks about the photos that were leaked from Suchitra's account. "He said", The last few days have been very disturbing for us as a family as Suchi's twitter account was hacked. The singer has deactivated her old account and started a temporary account where she revealed that she has already registered a police complaint with the Chennai Police. Her tweets also said that she will upload the more clips of Top stars on her twitter page. The account even went ahead threatening Chinmayi about her abortions a year ago and Dhanush-aishwarya living seperately since june 2016, and the couple is heading towards divorce. She also suspected that she was roughed up by Dhanush's team but didn't disclose the reason. Various digs followed this image at Rajnikanth's son-in-law, Dhanush and head of Isha Foundation, Yogi, Sadhguru. However, her husband later apologized for the controversy on social media clarifying her account was indeed hacked and it wasn't she, the one who posted insensitive tweets. Singer Suchi claimed that those tweets were not from her and confident on having an alibi during that time of tweets, meanwhile the bold tweets continued to pour in on.