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Packers writer claims Adrian Peterson likely 'descended from slaves'

Montrelle Montesinos | 06 Marcha, 2017, 12:23

John Donnelly is a reporter for Fox 26 in Houston, and he's apparently a football fan but not that big of a football fan. Donnelly just didn't know it. At the end of the interview, Donnelly asks the guy he's been talking to about road rage his name, like he would with anyone else, and the subject says "Adrian Peterson".

He's so stunned that he is indeed the former Oklahoma running back.

"Adrian Peterson", the running back said.

"Wait a minute, you're not ..." We suppose he does look slightly different when he's not wearing the uniform and pads.

Then, he delivered a scorching hot take, claiming Peterson's child abuse could be linked to him being a descendent of slaves.

Dougherty also thinks Peterson paid his penalty for his misdeeds, comparing the six game suspension he served in 2014 to the time former Eagles quarterback Michael Vick spent in jail following a conviction over an illegal dog fighting ring.

"You see anyone that's just like heckling you on the road, just go around them and let 'em win", Peterson said in the full interview.

A longtime National Football League writer is under fire after including a racially-charged paragraph in a column about former Vikings running back Adrian Peterson. Peterson has expressed interest in playing for several teams, including the Giants.