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Pizza Hut 'Pie Tops' Shoes Order Food For You

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Manuel Armenta | 06 Марта, 2017, 02:50

The chain created 64 special-edition "Pie-Tops" both in honor of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament starting this month and the fact that it is really easy to get a pizza.

Pizza-ordering shoes may have seemed like an impossible dream, but Pizza Hut, which says it serves and delivers more pizzas than any other pizza company in the world, is making this very concept a reality with its Pizza Hut Pie Tops.

Pizza Hut had 64 pairs of "Pie Tops" sneakers made, which allow people to order pizza by hitting a button on the tongue of the shoe.


Pizza Hut is trying to capitalize on the March Madness buzz in a unique way.

"Grant will have a pair", according to Daniels, "and we'll have to get his take on the performance nature of them".

'Ordering Pizza Hut is not that time. Well, Pizza Hut did fancy these scenarios and is now turning them into a reality. Brands told AdWeek. "We feel it's highly culturally relevant".

EasyJet's "Sneakairs" use your phone's Global Positioning System and vibrate to tell you when to turn left or right in a new city.

The airline said the technology could see tourists being able to experience the sights without having to refer to a map or their phones for directions.