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New Leagues, Clan Battles and More

New Leagues, Clan Battles and More New Leagues, Clan Battles and More
Eleena Tovar | 14 Марта, 2017, 06:58

According to Racing Junky, the new "Clash Royale" version 1.8.0 will bring new leagues into the fray.

However, it is now called Clan Battle.

"Clash Royale", the massively popular real-time strategy game developed by Supercell, is about to receive a major update.

It is a time to rejoice for the Clash Royale players as it is getting yet another update that is coming with new and exciting features. This new mode will allow clan mates to battle side-by-side against another pair from another clan.

The Bandit is one of the two legendary cards, alongside the Night Witch, to be released in March. On the same date, a new Bandit Legendary Card will also be introduced. In addition to this, at the end of each season, players will be able to pick their own reward.

Furthermore, the special Bandit Draft Challenge is expected to be on March 17. Arena 11 will also be making its way for players having 3,800 trophies and more. The name Legendary Arena will no longer exist as it will now be called Arena 10: Hog Mountain.

Some of the important updates will be the moving of Clan Chest to Friday-Monday and cards will now have "Tournament Level" to be seen in players' stats at the tournament rules. Before the battle starts, a player would see his or her partner's cards and during the game, the teammates would not see each other's deck. Challenge Crowns will now contribute towards Clan Chests and Crown Chests. Meanwhile, log damage is reduced by four percent. Arrows will benefit from 33 percent increase in projectile speed as well as 66 percent for the Bomb Tower. Clone Spell, Tornado and Electro Wizard are just some of the other parts of the game has been updates, Clash Royale has reported.

For the Electro Wizard, it will no longer freeze or stun permanently, for the Clone spell, it will no longer reset charging troops. Finally, while the Tornado still will not be able to damage buildings, players, however, will be able to place them on top of buildings.

The Clash Royale 1.8.0 update is now rolling out via Play Store, however, if it has not reached you yet, you can download the Clash Royale 1.8.0 APK file here.