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That $1 Coin In Your Pocket Could Be Worth $1000

That $1 Coin In Your Pocket Could Be Worth $1000 That $1 Coin In Your Pocket Could Be Worth $1000
Manuel Armenta | 14 Marcha, 2017, 06:08

The coins, which came about as a result of a stamping error at the Royal Australian Mint in 2000, were mostly sent to Western Australia, according to the Australian Coin Collecting Blog.

The coin is known by collectors as the $1/10c mule, and reportedly came about when "a technician at the Mint in Canberra accidently (sic) paired the mob of 'roos dollar reverse with the Queen's head obverse normally used for the 10c piece".

"With just a 1.4 millimetre difference in diameter between the 10 cent and $1 coin the error went unnoticed, and the legendary 2000 $1 "mule" was released into the wild".

There are now a few "mule" coins listed for sale on ebay, with some sellers asking for as much as $8,500.

Others that have fetched prices ranging from $425 all the way to $2742.

Coin enthusiasts and lucky finders have already started auctioning off the mule coins with one selling in April a year ago for $2742 and another earlier this month for $1507.50.

The double-edged rim can be seen on the Queen's side.

The blog states that should you find one of these mule coins, it could be worth in excess of $1000.