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Hugh Hefner made plans to be buried next to Marilyn Monroe

The first issue of Playboy magazine with Marilyn Monroe on the cover and signed by Hugh Hefner on page three is displayed at Julien's Auction House in Beverly Hills California The first issue of Playboy magazine with Marilyn Monroe on the cover was signed by Hugh Hefner
Tobias Pedroso | 08 Octubre, 2017, 14:41

After founding Playboy in 1953 and took the magazine to huge heights over the next few decades, turning the pages of the publication into a lifestyle.

Hugh Hefner was born on 9th April 1926, to strict Methodist parents. The then-unknown star earned $50 for the shoot, before she rose to prominence in 1950's "All About Eve".

When trying to decide who would be on the first cover, Hefner didn't have the money to pay Monroe to take part in an updated photo shoot.

Hefner died at home, surrounded by loved ones, according to a press release from Playboy. He built a brand that defined the sexual culture of the second half of the 20th century.

The New York Daily News reports Hefner bought a crypt in Westwood Village Memorial Park in Los Angeles for $75,000 in 1992.

He also starred in the E! reality TV series The Girls Next Door. Her is survived by his wife, Crystal, and four grown children- Christie, who served as CEO of Playboy Enterprise for more than 20 years, David, Marston and Cooper, who serves as chief creative officer at the company.